Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sometimes I'm One of Those Weird Types

In early July of this year, I visited my family in the Detroit area for a week and stayed at my siblings' houses (three of them). After having been away for years, one of the things that impressed me was the quality of toilet paper they used. Can you believe that?

My sister bought the plush stuff, almost too thick and impressive to use, if you know what I mean. On a rating system of 1-5, I gave her a wholehearted 5+. My brothers chose different brands that seemed slightly thinner, but equally memorable. They got a 4.75. In a nephew's home, I found another kind that was teenie-weenie thinner yet. I had to peek under a couple of bathroom sinks to identify the brand. It ranked a close 4.5.

When I went home, our cheapo grande stuff only deserved a 2.5, and my daughters said I was weird. But the next time I went shopping, I bought the 5+ quality product for MY bathroom. They had no difficulty sticking to their measly brand. To each her own, I always say.

Then I went to the ACFW conference last week and had to use the fragile see-through kind in my hotel room. Definitely inferior. Thin and fell apart. Eeekkks. I was tempted to give it a -.5, but settled for a +.5 just to be nice. The brand they used in the public restrooms on the first floor ranked much higher, 2.5 like my old version. (BTW, everything else about the hotel was wonderful, especially the staff.)

Maybe next time I visit somewhere, I'll check on how people load their dishwashers. (I always fill ours very methodically and efficiently, much to my household's disgust. I've been known to rearrange their inefficient, haphazard methods). I can't help I'm a perfectionist.

Go figure.


  1. I say life is too short to use cheap toilet paper!

  2. Oh, ho, Mary, can't believe you had the nerve to talk about toilet paper. Super cool! Loved it, would have liked a little more depth. Snicker.