Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day Five of the 21-Day Daniel Fast~the Pursuit of Jesus

The fast continues. Although foodwise, it barely feels like it because I usually eat this way. But I do have a mild yearning for salmon now and then. Green smoothies are filling and enjoyable, if you like that sort of thing. Which I do. Other people shudder when I try to tell them you can't really taste the cup of kale in a two-cup blended health drink. Ah well, as my mom used to say, "To each his own."

Now there's other things I do crave, the fiercest: reading fiction for pleasure before I go to sleep at night. Voices continue to tell me to read it just a little, to back off with scripture readings and the spiritual works. I don't dare. Instead I'm praying more, seeking more, reading the Word more, especially John 17, saying it aloud and imagining Jesus speaking the words. The love that floods me through that simple act of obedience overwhelms me at times. And I'm appreciating the sacrifices Jesus made for me so much more. How patient, loving, and surrendered. What a oneness with the Father. So amazing, and their unconditional love knows no bounds.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day Two of the 21-Day Daniel Fast~the Pursuit of Jesus

Jesus~to know Him is to love Him. But putting aside "in-this-world" pursuits and focusing on Him is to CRAVE Him.

Day One wasn't hard as far as eating goes. The Daniel diet (Daniel 1:8-16) isn't difficult for me to follow because I tend toward vegetarian eating anyway. Well, except for abstaining from grain foods--brown rice, barley, corn, wheat, oats that are no-nos right now. But I started to drop them from my diet months ago because foods with gluten slow or stop my ongoing battle to control my weight.

My areas of temptation came from other areas: like staying away from reruns of Castle--the only TV show I watch, after Terry Burns said it's great. I never wanted to watch the reruns before. HAH! Sounds like the little foxes trying to spoil the vine. Get thee behind me, satan.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Duke's Redemption Book Review and Author Interview

To protect her sister, Prin, Eloise Cooper has been forced to serve in the South Carolina patriot underground network as a spy dubbed the Fox. She yearns for the day she and her sister are free to leave Brixton Hall Plantation and the tyrant who controls them. When she accidentally kills a Redcoat double agent in a fight for her life, she continues her covert activities, but declares the Fox is dead--a decision that threatens the hopes for freedom for Prin and herself.

In England, Drake Amberly, Fifth Duke of Hawk Haven, learns a murderous rebel spy has not only killed his brother in SC, but has also duped the British authorities there and escaped. Enraged and frustrated by the news, he travels to SC under the guise of a tradesman ship owner to secretly head a plot to flush out the notorious insurgent and bring him to justice.