Friday, September 11, 2009

What's Important when I'm Running Around in Circles?

My lights out times have been averaging midnight to 1 am this week, but I still manage to awaken around 6:30-7 am. Not the smartest thing to treat the old bod. But there's always so much to do, especially when the acfw conference hits in five days and the things I plan every day get interrrupted and interrrupted and interrrrrrrrrrrrupted. Sigh.

Like today. My son needed someone to pick up his wife from across town and drive her almost just as far in the opposite direction from my house to get her car. He didn't even ask me to do it, but a little nudge reminded me I hadn't seen her in months. And I had to buy business card paper anyhow. Might as well be a good Samaritan while I was out.

So I did it. And our communion, though somewhat short, was sweet.

On the way home, I listened to the local Christian radio station, and Focus on the Family played some of the original 9-11 radio recordings we all heard eight years ago on that painful, horrendous day. It made me stop and consider my reaction back then. How I grieved for weeks, checked the Ground Zero website every day, hoped and prayed the rescue workers would find someone alive. Like so many others, I wept, mourned, and identified with those who suffered great losses. And thanked God that our nation had turned to Him in our hour of need.

But how many would remember that today's date even means anything anymore? Dr. Dobson and his guest showed great concern because the people's hearts seemed to have waxed cold again--as if there never was a 9-11.

It's time for a reality check.

Do I pray for:
The president and our civic leaders on a regular basis whether I voted for them or not?
The people of my nation?
Those in authority in other walks of life?
The peace of Jerusalem?
Our military, those in law enforcement, and those who risk their lives daily for the protection and safety of others?
My spiritual leaders?
All their families?

If not, I need to repent, give myself a mental sock in the head, and ask the Lord to help me form better prayer habits that include selfless prayers for others. If we don't ask, God won't answer. " have not because ye ask not" James 4:2

May we turn back to the Lord that He may pardon, protect, and shed his grace upon us. He is a good God.

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  1. Good reflections. I read thru your posts & love the interview w/LF. I'll have to try to get that bk.

    The C Tree post was hilarious & fun. Enjoyed it too.

    See ya in a few days!