Monday, September 21, 2009

Back to Regular Mode (Sort of)

I enjoyed the many facets of last week's ACFW writers conference, but one of the greatest highlights was spending time with my critique partners, Carole, Stephanie, and Roseanna. (From left to right in the photo. I'm the oldie in the crowd.) After two years of emailing, we all finally met face-to-face. What treasured moments.

The conference officially ended yesterday at noon, but I didn't get home until midnight. Today my limp eyelids hovered at half-mast--the effect of barely-slept nights and days packed with mental overload that sizzled my brain cells. But there's stuff to do now. Somehow switch gears and get back into "regular mode" Follow up on all the conference projects.

Then there's the need to reorganize my workshop notes to help me tweak my current manuscript  before I send it off to an agent who asked for my proposal. After some serious thought, I decided to revise my original plans of a book review/author interview each week. Don't look for the next one until NEXT week. Two per month is a much more attainable goal.

With so much going on, I need balance, but I know how to get it. Spend time in the Lord's presence for a divine exclange: His strength for my frailties, His peace for my frenzies, and His wisdom for my follies. Precious Lord, only You can really redeem my time. Thanks for guiding me every step of the way.

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