Friday, May 7, 2010

Delightful and Sweet "Love Finds You in North Pole, Alaska" by Loree Lough

What’s Bryce Stone, a Marine war hero, to do, when going home to North Pole, Alaska to hide from life's woes and start over in a barely-there carpentry shop isn't working? And everyone disgustingly commercializes Christmas every day of the year?

What’s Samantha (Sam) Sinclair, a Baltimore, MD chef with a brand new culinary arts degree, to do, when her guaranteed job in North Pole is reneged, and  employment opportunities are almost zilch? And she's forced to settle for something else quick because no way is she going back home to face teasing and disgrace?

Before either can think that hard about it, Bryce’s caring but feisty Aunt Olive takes the choices out of their hands. She hires Sam to run the family’s Christmas shop to allow Bryce the freedom to create handcrafted furniture. And I’m-in-love-with-Christmas Sam is enthralled with her unexpected job. She can’t get enough of the season or the store, while Scroogie-yet-sweet Bryce acts like he doesn’t want bitsy, little her and her Christmas spirit anywhere around him. Well, not at first, anyway. But not only that…neither of them realizes cagy Aunt Olive plans to spring a few surprises of her own.

Using the unique setting, snappy, humorous dialogue, and real life plot twists that prompt the loveable but sometimes hardheaded characters to fling themselves in the arms of God, Loree Leigh has written a gritty, lighthearted story that keeps you reading to the last page (and turning it over looking for more). And after you’ve closed the book and snuggled under the covers, the tale’s warm fuzzies swirling inside you will help you drift off to a satisfied sleep.

I highly recommend Love Finds You in North Pole Alaska, a delightful example of the author’s sixty-plus love stories. And I look forward to an interview with prolific Loree Leigh in the near future.

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